The Future of Yoga

Yoga may have been introduced over 5,000 years ago, but it certainly hasn’t been lost and forgotten. While it maintained steady popularity over the years, it has recently grown into one of the most popular forms of exercise that exist today. In fact, there are over 24 million people who practice it in the United States alone, and that number is set to grow well into the future. These reasons, as well as a passion for all that yoga has to offer, are why so many people have dedicated themselves to becoming yoga instructors.

What’s in store for yoga in the future? It’s easy to see that business is booming today, but will it stay that way for a long time to come? Being an instructor in a constantly changing industry like this can be filled with a lot of these types of questions, especially for those who have opened up their own businesses. Fortunately with the growth that it has seen, yoga is set to remain a profitable exercise that people of all ages love for a long time to come. Anyone interested in learning the what’s going on will enjoy the information below.

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Annual Revenue Generated from the Yoga Industry

With the large number of classes, products, retreats, events and training available for yoga, it’s not surprising that it has grown into multi-billion dollar business. In fact, the amount spent on yoga in the United States alone reached over $10 billion dollars in 2015. What’s even more surprising is that the increase in spending skyrocketed over 80% in just the last five years, meaning it’s growing now more than ever.

It’s easy to see that there are more classes and retreats for people to take advantage of, but companies that sell yoga-related items are also seeing their revenue grow. One of the most well-known is the brand Lululemon, which sells yoga clothing. In the last few years they have seen business grow into the billions from selling premium pants, shirts, and other pieces of apparel. “Yoga Journal”, which is a magazine available both online and in print, has also seen growth with over 5 million page view each month.

Supply vs. Demand

The demand for yoga is greater than ever, with students going to gyms, studios, retreats, and even online classes to get their fix. This has led to the need for new instructors, but because training can take months, it isn’t something that can happen overnight. New instructors for all levels of yoga are being trained every day by schools that often have strict requirements for completion. This is especially true for those who work to get a Yoga Alliance certification, which can give them more reliable credentials for better opportunities.

This demand has resulted in millions of more instructors coming into the industry, but at what cost? Many instructors say that this has reduced their class sizes, while others say that the abundance of alternatives has made them stand out in the crowd. However, with new classes, retreats, workshops, and businesses being built on a daily basis, it’s easy to see that the demand is being fulfilled in even small cities across the country.

Industry Trends

  • Appealing to More Ages
    Yoga has been catching on with older adults as well as teens and even children! This is why so many age-specific classes for teens in particular have started to catch on. These classes give younger kids a chance to get started with yoga in a more comfortable environment than they’d have with adults. Age specific classes for older “yogis” is seen more often today as well, especially in senior and community centers.
  • Bikram Yoga
    Otherwise known as “hot yoga”, this is just the same as traditional classes, but the room is heated to 104 degrees with 40% humidity. This is said to release toxins through sweating more and has caught fire as one of the most popular forms of this exercise. There are thousands of studios that specialize in this type of Yoga today, and that number is expected to grow in the next several years.
  • AntiGravity Aerial Yoga
    Using an aerial hammock, students in this class are able to do several different poses and balancing postures in a way like never before. It allows people to focus on flexibility and agility without putting stress on their joints, although it does take practice to really learn how to balance properly. This is relatively new, but it has caught the attention of “yogis” of all ages, meaning growth is rapid all over the country and world.
  • Vinyasa Yoga
    This is a more specialized form of yoga that uses synchronized breathing to achieve a series of poses. When students take part in this class they learn how to control their inhales and exhales while they smoothly flow from one movement to the next. This does require special training for instructors, but because it has become more popular recently, it’s worth taking advantage of.

Is there a Future for Yoga Instructors?

Yes! Yoga as an industry has a 10-year job growth rate of 14% according to CNNMoney/Payscale, so it does show a promising future for those who truly love doing it. In fact, those who do this full time can make upwards of $64,000 per year, depending on what they specialize in and where they live. However, instructors shouldn’t become complacent and expect for their business to boom without putting in a lot of effort to make themselves stand out from the crowd. In order to make this a successful part-time or full-time career, instructors should be willing to take part in trends that will introduce this exercise to new students.

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In addition to this, instructors shouldn’t be afraid to host beginners classes, even if they normally specialize in more advanced classes. By doing so they may be able to get a lot more loyal students who will eventually be part of those more specialized classes, which can often bring in more money. What’s truly exciting about this industry is that it’s constantly evolving to be prevalent and fresh to people of all ages, so there’s a lot of promise in the future, especially for instructors. By working hard and staying in-tune with the industry, it can lead to a lot of opportunities.

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