What Features To Look For When Buying A Yoga Mat

The yoga mat is far more essential than most think. It’s not only a mat, but it’s an aid for people who regularly practice yoga. It protects the hands and feet against slipping during yoga activities. Also known as sticky or non-slip mats, they’re specially designed to help avid yoga practitioners avoid slippages during yoga […]

Ten Reasons to Become a Yoga Teacher

Yoga is becoming popular by the day in today’s society. This is because it helps to maintain health and wellbeing and relieves stress at the same time. Many people would go to yoga classes and learn the art of yoga, and stop right in their tracks at this juncture. Even though there is nothing wrong […]

Accessorize: Ways to Support Your Yoga Practice

One of the beauties of yoga is the ability to use your own body to gain strength, improve balance and increase flexibility. There are moments and poses, however, when your body just won’t go there, and there are a number of accessories available that can assist in deepening, modifying and supporting your yoga practice. Prop […]

Down to Brass Tacks: What is Yoga Alliance All About?

At some point along your yoga journey, you’ve probably noticed 200 RYT or 500 E-RYT following many an instructor’s name, or listed somewhere in their bio. Or perhaps you’ve noticed a school advertising in big bold letters that they are a 200 RYS. That’s great, but what does that mean? Unless you’re going through a […]