At Yoga Teacher Training Spot, we aim to guide you in your decision process to become a yoga teacher.  Unfortunately there’s information overload  when it comes to selecting the most appropriate teacher training programs.  If you do a search on the Internet, all you see are sites which are promoting their own curriculum.

You also quickly notice that there are governing bodies that recommend you become a registered teacher, however, there are alternative options for you as well.  And here at YTTS, we will try to offer detailed information on what is available out there so that you can make a sound decision…the right decision.

In order to teach yoga, you don’t need to be certified and/or registered through a yoga organization.  Some studios look for certification, however, other studios look for experience.  As well, there are many yoga job opportunities outside of the yoga studio setting. For example, you can teach yoga at a gym, recreation, or community centers, and they don’t typically look for a “certification”.

Once you get your training, what happens next? At YTTS, we will provide resources for teachers so that they can be successful – resources such as yoga instructor tools, marketing and business information.

We will be adding information on the site daily, so make sure that you keep checking us out…better yet, sign up for our newsletter so that you don’t miss out on anything!