10 Anti-Aging Benefits of Yoga

Yoga’s popularity has seen a huge increase in the past five years, introducing millions of people to this ancient discipline. In fact, it’s estimated that over 20 million people regularly practice yoga in private studios, gyms, community centers, and even at home. So why are so many people embracing yoga and becoming self-proclaimed “yogees”? There are actually a wealth of health benefits such as weight loss and stress relief, but anti-aging is one of the best kept secrets. If kicking your wrinkles to the curb sounds appealing, then keep reading to learn more about how this form of exercise can prevent and even reverse aging for people of all ages.

1. Tone Your Face

There are over 42 individual muscles in your face, but the majority of them aren’t actually used on a regular basis. Yoga changes this by encouraging you to do light facial exercises as you go into different poses. This helps to tone the jaw line as well as other defining muscles in the face, which can contribute to looking younger and feeling more confident. Toning can even make the face look thinner, which is incredibly appealing to anyone who has trouble with a second chin or “chubby cheeks” that they don’t like.

A couple yoga moves you can do with your face in particular include:

  • The Smile

    Start by making an “o” shape with your mouth while looking up at the ceiling. Next, smile widely while covering your teeth and repeat that six times. To finish, place your finger on your chin and repeat several times.

  • Flirting Eyes

    Start by placing each of your index fingers under each of your eyes so that they are pointing towards each other and your nose. Next, hide your teeth with your lips without touching them together. To finish, flutter your eyelids while looking up above you for 30 seconds.

face yoga pose

2. Boost Your Immune System

Your immune system is responsible for fighting off infections and helping to prevent you from getting sick, making it an essential part of staying young and healthy. Yoga helps keep this system healthy by promoting detoxification within the body, which boosts levels of immunity. In addition to this, it can help increase circulation to important organs that need to stay healthy to prevent illness.

3. Preventing and Minimizing Wrinkles

Could yoga actually be as effective as good old fashioned wrinkle cream? A recent study says that it can, as it helps to reduce oxidative stress that tends to promote facial wrinkles. In this study 9% of participants had their stress levels drop after just 10 days of doing yoga, making it a great way to keep those wrinkles at bay. In addition to this, lower oxidative stress levels promote elasticity in the skin, which can keep you looking younger and more vibrant for longer (while resisting sagging)

4. Better Sleep

Chronic lack of sleep, otherwise known as insomnia, can be detrimental to your health and even cause you to look much older in a short amount of time. Most insomnia sufferers find that their skin sags, wrinkles, becomes dry, and dulls once they begin experiencing lack of sleep or trouble staying asleep. Yoga may be able to help with this, as it has been found to increase levels of the hormone melatonin, which is the body’s natural nighttime sedative. Studies show that most people experience this after just a few months of regular practice, making yoga well worth keeping up with.

5. Weight Loss

What better way to look younger than by losing weight? Because yoga tests your strength and motivates you to move in different positions, it can help with weight loss. Most people also find that it helps give them more muscle simply because they’€™re doing so many new movements that get their entire body working again.

Some of the best yoga moves for weight loss that will promote looking younger include:

  • Tree Pose
  • Warrior
  • Warrior II
  • Child’s Pose
  • Sphinx

6. Beautiful Skin

Doing yoga regularly helps to keep the skin young by encouraging the underlying fascia (which is the connective tissues, fiber, and collagen attached to the skin) to rejuvenate. This can make it more flexible so it’s able to resist wrinkles, stay looking young, and keep hydrated even as you age. What’s even better is that you can achieve a “glow” because consistent yoga helps reduce and even eliminate inflammation in the skin.

7. Mental Sharpness

Yoga can help with keeping you looking young on the outside but what about on the inside? What’s incredibly unique about this exercise is that it helps the body relax, which releases a hormone named cortisol. Larger amounts of this can help combat memory problems while giving you better mental sharpness with daily activities.

8. Confidence

Nothing says beautiful like confidence, and yoga can help with this quite a bit. Once you start getting in tune with your body and experiencing the weight loss/toning benefits, you’ll feel like a brand new person. This can give you a lot of confidence on a daily basis, not only with how you look, but also how you feel about yourself.

9. Better Flexibility

Even a young person can look older when they’€™re hunched over from back problems or issues with flexibility. Fortunately yoga can help with this because it works to improve range of motion and core strength. With every new movement that you learn and master you’ll find that your flexibility improves and your back becomes stronger.

10. Reduced Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression can age you rapidly, both physically and mentally. Endorphins can help with this, as they are hormones that are naturally created within the body to help provide relief for stress as well as a sense of pleasure. Yoga promotes the release of endorphins in the brain, which in turn creates feelings of wellness while eliminating many symptoms of stress and anxiety.

With all of the benefits that yoga provides, it’s certainly something worth trying out and practicing on a regular basis. It’s easier than ever to do so, with classes being held at virtually all gyms and even online from the comfort of home. All you need are a few supplies and willingness to try something new to get started. In time you may find that it helps you with aging, but that it also promotes healthier well-being.

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