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Congratulations on your choice to begin your career as a a yoga teacher!

You are entering a field that is rewarding on so many levels.  A career in yoga is not conventional by any means  – hours are flexible, the working environment is ideal (no cubicle!) and you get to help others on a daily basis.  This career is highly competitive,  however, if you’re able to commit to this profession and be an avid reader of the Yoga Teacher Training Spot (YTTS), your chances of  getting a job and becoming a yoga instructor are more than excellent!

Yoga Training Programs

There’s a ton of information out there regarding yoga teacher training requirements, and unfortunately it can get confusing.  At Yoga Teacher Training Spot, we will break everything down for you, and try to provide clear and accurate information so that you can be successful in your career as a yoga teacher.

In essence, to be hired as an instructor, most studios typically look for a yoga certification and in order to get certified it is recommended that you register for a yoga teacher training program.  Most yoga studios look for a minimum requirement of 200-Hours certification.  At YTTS, we will help you navigate through the copious amount of yoga teacher training offerings; help you determine which ones are reputable; assist you in figuring out which program is the best suited for you; and walk you through the process, as well provide a ton of resources so that you can achieve your goal in becoming a yoga instructor.

There are also alternative methods of becoming a yoga teacher, where it is not required for you to register and pay for a yoga teacher training program. We will provide more information around inexpensive or free methods of starting a career in yoga.

Yoga Instructor Job Description

Yoga teachers guide students through various yoga postures, or asanas, and breathing exercises referred to as pranayama. Instructors offer hands-on guidance to ensure students are performing the asanas correctly and applying proper techniques in breathing. Yoga instructors could work in a class environment or in a one-on-one setting.

A critical responsibility of  instructors is that you need to consider the health conditions of your students.  There may be certain poses that are beneficial, or the opposite, some postures may aggravate the medical condition.  As a yoga instructor, you need to make adjustments, offer alternative options, or omit poses for the benefit of your student.

Here are the key responsibilities:

  • Instructors teach yoga students on the different yogic positions
  • They need to consider the medical conditions of students and instruct accordingly
  • Teachers also have to take into account the age of each student
  • They need to monitor the class carefully to make sure that they are doing the asanas properly
  • They also instruct yoga students the proper breathing techniques as these are a key aspect of yoga
  • Yoga instructors are considered experts of the industry – if possible, they should continue to get yoga education and be in good physical shape
  • They are not only teachers but students of yoga as well – yoga instructors should practice yoga regularly
  • With proper training, they can even offer nutritional advice to their students
  • Yoga teachers also have to adhere to the rules and regulations of the place they work in

You’re a Yoga Teacher, Now What?

At Yoga Teacher Training Spot, we don’t just provide information on the training programs, we will offer  information on how to secure a job as a yoga instructor, how to build a a yoga student base, and how to supplement your income.  A career in this field is competitive and YTTS will help you stand out from the crowd so that you can be successful.

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